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Ayurvedic treatment can eliminate migraine headaches when the client is motivated and follows the program.

Migraine headaches are marked by debilitating throbbing or stabbing pain usually on one side of the head or neck or often behind one eye.  They may include visual disruptions – aura – or sensitivity to light sound and smells, nausea, diarrhea, foggy thinking, dizziness and a plethora of other problems.

But what about a solution! Ayurveda understands migraine headaches as a problem with pitta dosha – the energy of fire. From a clinical perspective it works like this:

  1. Pitta becomes irritated in the small intestine by over indulgence in sour, salty and pungent foods. These may include eating foods on a weekly basis like peppers and chili’s in hot and sour foods like Chinese, Thai and Mexican.
  2. Excess pitta dosha is also directed to the mind and nervous system by exposure to heat (hot yoga!), overly intense exercise, competitive work or attitude, and intense schedules.
  3. The digestive system overheats and causes an impaired digestive process which creates a toxic substance in the body called ama.
  4. The ama flows through the body and relocates in the nervous system and mind channels where it is a reactive toxin.

Treatment can be very successful when the client becomes dedicated to the process.

  1. Firstly, the diet is changed to reduce offending foods.
  2. The digestive system is treated with daily herbs to restore pitta dosha to balance.
  3. The body is detoxified using the system of panchakarma to dispel the toxic ama from the body.
  4. Daily herbs are used to strengthen the nervous system and mind.
  5. Exercise regimens are changed to be more moderate. Breathing exercises and yoga poses restore longterm balance.

We can summarize that migraines can be successfully treated when the willing patient is supervised by an ayurvedic practitioner. The daily practices must be followed and the detoxification of the body is of vital importance. There is no way to shortcut the process.

Ayurveda treats the cause of the disease and produces a longterm recovery. Clients learn to recognize the triggers and the lifestyle and diet patterns that will cause the migraines to occur.

If you are seeking treatment for migraines – start your journey with an initial ayurvedic consultation at Puja Wellness.

David Lincecum

Clinical Director, Puja Wellness

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