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Cap-City Cleanse

strong digestion, clear thinking, healthy body

Most of us reach points in our year or in our life, when we feel run-down and can’t seem to do anything about it.

We feel it deeply because it lives deep in the body.

This ayurvedic digestive rejuvenation-detox cleanse helps to restore internal order in the body

Digestive Rejuvenation-Detox

Group Cleanse February 13 – 18, 2017

Opening workshops available Feb. 9 or Feb. 11

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How does it work?

With some planning, focus and preparation,you’ll find it easy to follow the daily diet and routines. You will eat three meals daily and snacks. The primary focus is on eating easy to digest, whole, organic foods, while avoiding all processed foods. You will also learn some ayurvedic daily routines for self care and take some mildly detoxifying herbs during the week of the cleanse.

After the cleanse

You will feel lighter, more blissful and have more energy because toxins have left your body. Your entire digestive process will improve and the body will produce better skin, muscle and bone. Ideally, you will take time to ease back into a more regular diet and this experience will allow you to reflect on how to make changes to your lifestyle.

Learn the method - cleanse any time

This is a cleanse process that you will be able to use again and again. The clear written guide, instructions and meal plans will quickly become an intuitive process that you can use anytime you are feeling the need to detox.

Guided Group Cleanse

Choice of  times to attend the kick-off meetings. Enjoy the support of the group. Printed daily guide with meal plans. Daily email guidance Eat three meals daily! Herbs & detox teas gently restore the digestive system. Herbs and supplies additional cost (approx. $45)

Group Cleanse Investment is $89.95 plus supplies
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Personal Guided Cleanse

A Personal Guided Cleanse allows you to cleanse on your own schedule and with the option of a deeper 10 day cleanse. This includes a private consultation with a practitioner, cleanse guide with recipes, shopping list. Herbs and supplies additional cost.

Personal cleanse investment is $159 to $199
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Have questions?

You can book a 15 minute free consult or email us Book free consultEmail us

Deeper Dhatu Cleanse

If you are seeking relief from chronic pain, skin problems, inflammation or other issues, the deeper dhatu cleanse is a great starting place. This cleanse is done with the assistance of an ayurvedic practitioner who will meet with you learn about your concerns, do a pulse and tongue assessment, clarify your goals for the cleanse and then educate you the cleanse protocols. This package also includes a bodywork session and herbal steam with oils and herbs selected by your practitioner.

Best performed over 7 days with about 3 days off of work or other activities. Feel free to call for more information.

Investment is $299 – (includes bodywork, oils, herbs)

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