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Ayurveda is for everyone

Around the world, ayurveda is recognized

as a complete and holistic system of health and wellness.

Unlike many other systems, Ayurveda views symptoms as indicators of imbalance rather than the actual disease itself.  It seeks to treat disease at the source rather than simply providing symptomatic relief. Ayurveda is used by millions of people to stay well, create new levels of health, and recover from illness. Ayurveda diagnoses illness by mapping functional symptoms to 3 major energy systems in the body; vata, pitta and kapha. These three “dosha’s,” are at work in our bodies. Each person is gifted with a particular balance of the three dosha’s. In proper balance, they keep us well and healthy. When they become imbalanced over time, they cause illness. By understanding how they become imbalanced and how to restore balance, we are able to start the healing process.

A way to stay well

By learning to regulate your diet and lifestyle in ways that are specifically harmonious for you, Ayurveda keeps you healthy and allows you to age gracefully. Start now; it is never too late.

A system of herbal medicines

Ayurveda offers an enormous range of herbs and plants to support the healing process. Safe, organic, and side-effect free, these medicinal plants have proven their effectiveness over hundreds of years of use.

A system of detoxifying the body

Ayurveda offers a comprehensive means of removing toxins from the body in order to restore balance. From mild, self-directed cleanses to comprehensive systems of deep cleaning body tissues, ayurveda offers time-tested ways of renewing the digestive system, skin, and vital body systems.

A way to get well

Ayurveda is a health system for virtually all states of illness. It is especially effective in treating chronic and longterm conditions of discomfort. If you are experiencing discomfort ayurveda can offer a means to relieve almost any situation.

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